Robert W. Jones of iNETpreneur Radio interviews Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor, thought leader, innovator, humanist and caring heart. She is the CEO/President of Creative Raven and The TUIT Group. “A world-class creative and success prophet!,” says Jones. This thoughtful interview delves into who Creative Raven is, what they stand for, their mission in India and why they love this changing world of digital content creation and building bridges to create win-windows of opportunity for their clients and global infrastructure. Jones also covers The TUIT Group, the sister company to Creative Raven and the various training and workplace culture and management empowerment educational services offered to help firms create immediate and lasting impact on performance and productivity.

So, relax and enjoy this lively conversation and exploration into the heart and soul of Creative Raven and The TUIT Group founder and CEO, Suzan Chin-Taylor.