Marketing Strategies: What is Content Marketing?

The World of Content Marketing Marketing has changed. Gone are the days of traditional marketing methods, where a company would find the nearest soapbox and pitch their products or services to potential customers. So, now the strategy that every company is chasing after is content marketing. Now you may be wondering – what is content marketing? Why are so many companies switching over to a content marketing strategy? What are the benefits of content marketing? We’ll answer all of those questions and more here in this blog item. What Is Content Marketing?  In fact, this blog that you’re reading right now could be considered a piece of content marketing. It’s a [...]

Five Steps to Help Your Sales Team Survive in a Virtual Selling Environment

In his recent guest post on LinkedIn, “COVID-19 Made Every Sales Team an Inside Sales Team; Here’s What They Need”, Justin Gray, Principal of Graymatter Ventures, shared some incredible insight on how the sales environment has been impacted and the shift that sales teams now must make to thrive and stay engaged with prospects. I wholeheartedly agree with him on the subject of digital transformation and how it has affected field sales teams like an oncoming freight train. “For years we’ve lived by the holy grail of face time with prospects and now… poof. Gone...their world has been flipped upside down as many things they relied on to close business are [...]

Brands Are In Crisis Mode

This great article and the dialogue on LinkedIn regarding this topic are really worth taking some time to read and ponder. Whether it is a major brand or the small family-owned retail boutique in your neighborhood, retaining customers and gaining new ones is all coming down to trust. Second only to price, trust is the leading factor that is a major decision driver from take-out dinner to a new car or piece of construction equipment. Some highlights from the survey Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report (Download 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report) cited in this news feed post are here: Report reveals that brands face a fundamental reordering of priorities amid [...]

Successful Marketing in a Virtual World

As we reflect on the current state of our world and are trying to figure out how to navigate Post Covid (whenever that is) and the shift to doing more in a virtual business and digital selling environment, there’s never been a better time to look at your marketing strategy and plan. I just went through my entire marketing plan and realized that one of best ways one can market their business, product or even themselves is by using social media. For those serving the wastewater, water and civil infrastructure fields, we are essential, yes, but we still need to remain visible and top of mind. Social Media and in particular [...]

How To Get Some

FREE PR that is... Here’s some quick ideas for tapping into the power of the press and getting some free publicity for your company. Case Studies or Project Stories Chances are you just helped a client with a project, or provided them with a service that assisted their organization in achieving a goal or made worklife better or more productive. Perhaps it was just a helping hand when they needed to resolve an issue that there wasn’t a specific technology, product or service available and you provided insight or a workaround. These situations can make really great feature stories or how to articles that print and online publishers are hungry for. Good, [...]

Hidden Treasures in Your Clients

There are few principal business building practices that anyone can put into place whether you’re having a banner year or times are challenging. Look no further than your own backyard. We’ve found that our current customers are often some of the best sources for new business. They are an invaluable resource for referrals as well. Are you keeping up strong ties with your core client base? Do they know about your newest service or product? When’s the last time you spoke, found out about how their business was going or if they needed any help? In these days of uncertainty, it is always a comfort when you find out a trusted and known [...]

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