Talk To Me! Creating Your News Releases Has Never Been Easier!

You have a story to tell. You’ve got news the world should know about. Is staring at that blank piece of paper and not knowing where to begin keeping you from taking advantage of powerful free publicity opportunities for your company organization. STOP! Call us know to learn more about our “Talk To Me” News and Press Release service. With Talk to Me, you can have your important news and press releases created quickly and stress free by our team of writers – all you have to do is have a chat with us. Here’s how it works: You call us and tell us about your news item or article idea. [...]

Favorite Customer Service Tip: Think of your Grandmother

I received my Marketing Tip of the Week from Keith Lee of American Retail Supply today and felt it was too important not to repost and share. Thanks Keith for this great tidbit of advice! Best of Grandma This week’s Tip is from one of my 4 all time favorite customer service books.“Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless” by Jeffrey Gitomer. Here’s a sure-fire way to determine how “what you say” will sound to the customer before you say it. A way to “test your talk” so to speak. PUT “GRANDMA” AT THE END OF EVERYTHING YOU SAY. What? Every time you speak to a customer, end it with “Grandma.” [...]

Branding: Beyond the Logo…

Branding is the cornerstone of any successful company or marketing launch.At Creative Raven, we’re passionate about branding and helping firms of all sizes create and establish branding imagery that is memorable, favorable and reflects the company’s desired image. Branding goes beyond logo design, company colors and labels. It is the total embodiment of what your organization stands for, how it is perceived and where it is positioned within its respective market. Let us help you create a brand that is memorable and helps your firm generate positive market awareness and greater marketshare. Contact SuzanMarie Chin @760-325-3317 for details about our custom-tailored branding and repositioning programs. The following article issued by NASE [...]

Creating A Memorable Elevator Pitch

Having a great elevator pitch in your arsenal of marketing tools is essential for networking and personal marketing. Making it clear, concise and memorable can often be challenging. Here’s a few quick tips for creating your perfect 30-second speech. Don’t Make It Hard Sell or Like a Pitch Your pitch should be like a conversation at a cocktail party when someone asks you “so what do you do?”. Speak plainly and simply, no industry jargon or terms. Think about how you would explain your job at career day to a classroom of 7th graders. Just the Facts Ma’am Stick to the important points…who you are, what you do, what is your [...]

The Web Advantage

Websites are the face of any modern business. They are the first place anyone interested in using your products or services will look to learn more about your organization. We understand this, and believe that businesses can no longer afford to simply have a “web site” they need a “web advantage”, that defining factor between a struggling or thriving businesses. Having a ‘web advantage’– a better designed, easy to navigate and higher converting website than your competitors is imperative. It instantly educates your target client or customer that you are a quality business, making it more likely that they will choose to do business with you over your competitor. Creative Raven delivers this [...]

Branding 101: What’s Your Style? Are You In or Are You Out?

For small companies, you, the business owner are your brand, whether you like that idea or not. Your personal style and persona can often drive how your business is perceived and the type of clients you will attract. As we all get more connected via social media, word of mouth and other forms of personal marketing, business building is being driven more by the company “personality” than the product itself in some cases. We’re hearing lots of stories from vendors and customers alike that they are choosing who they want to do business with more on what the company or individual owner stands for, a personal story (the company history or [...]

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