Lead Generation…What’s the Real Deal?

Introduction: Leads and Online Marketing Though this likely won’t be news to you, everyone and everything is online these days. Clients, customers, businesses, and more are all bumping shoulders in online spaces. Whether you’re trying to market your online subscription service or your waste water collection system technology, it pays to know how to generate leads through your online marketing. But what does that all mean? What does it mean to generate a lead? And how do you do that using online marketing? In this blog, we’ll explore all of those questions and more.  What does “lead generation” even mean?  Of course, before we get into things, we need to understand [...]

Getting Some: Positive PR and Publicity

A lot is said about PR and publicity. Most often, we hear about the work of publicists and PR specialists when a company is trying to cover up some embarrassing scandal or other such mishaps. However, there’s a lot more to PR than that, and we’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty of the world of PR and publicity in today’s blog.  What is PR, exactly?  Before we dive into things, though, we should take a look at what PR really means. A lot of people certainly have a passing understanding of what PR is or what a PR person does, but not as many know exactly what it means. Well, PR, [...]

The Art of Connection

Robert W. Jones of iNETpreneur Radio interviews Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor, thought leader, innovator, humanist and caring heart. She is the CEO/President of Creative Raven and The TUIT Group. “A world-class creative and success prophet!,” says Jones. This thoughtful interview delves into who Creative Raven is, what they stand for, their mission in India and why they love this changing world of digital content creation and building bridges to create win-windows of opportunity for their clients and global infrastructure. Jones also covers The TUIT Group, the sister company to Creative Raven and the various training and workplace culture and management empowerment educational services offered to help firms create immediate and lasting [...]

Introduction: LinkedIn Marketing. What? How? Why? 

By now, basically everyone and their boss and their boss’s boss are on LinkedIn. If you aren’t amongst these people, LinkedIn is a social network platform for professionals and businesses, in contrast to places like Facebook or Instagram which are far more casual settings. The goal of LinkedIn is to connect you with fellow professionals while also providing a platform where you can show off your skills, resume and/or CV, certificates and degrees, and so on. However, that’s not all you can do with LinkedIn.  Marketing on LinkedIn has exploded over the years, and there’s little surprise as to why. LinkedIn has grown into a massive, interconnected social media platform, and [...]

Website Must-Haves to Engage and Convert

By this point in time, there has been a lot written online about what a website needs to effectively engage and convert your potential customers. It’s what every business wants, especially in an increasingly online world. Engagement occurs when visitors to your website are interacting with it, appreciating the content that you have, and enjoying what you have to offer. This sort of engagement should lead to loyalty to your brand in the long run. The next step, then, is to convert those visitors into paying customers, ideally long-term, loyal customers. In this blog, we’ll see how to increase engagement in your website and convert visitors into long-time customers.   Understand Your [...]

Introduction: Content Strategy Development

These days, everyone knows that content is king. In fact, many, many businesses have been moving over to a content-centric approach for marketing, or content marketing for short. We’ve discussed this style of marketing in a previous blog post, though we’ll also spend some time going over content marketing below. However, the main focus of this article is to examine the new strategies that have emerged with the rise of content marketing. We’ll be able to answer the question – what is a content marketing strategy? How do you develop a good content marketing strategy? And how can doing so help you and your business?  A Brief Summary of Content Marketing [...]

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