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Delivering Content, Social Media and Lead Generation Solutions for powerful and lasting impact on marketing results. and conversion

Our specialty, deep knowledge and passion lies in the Wastewater/Water Utility Infrastructure, Technology and related Environmental market sectors.

There are lots of digital marketing, lead generation,content and social media marketing firms out there, and many of them are very good, but they can only help so far. When you work in the field of infrastructure, environment or sustainable solutions you need a marketing partner that is a business-minded, highly creative marketing resource that “gets” your technology, products and services.

Creative Raven is a group of creatives and consultants who have walked in your shoes, literally, for many miles in fact, and we have one important thing in common—we specialized and dedicated our careers to working in the Water, Wastewater, Construction, Environmental and Civil Infrastructure Industries, most of us for a minimum of two decades. We understand the applications, and the unique selling approach required within your markets. We know exactly what it takes to develop and execute successful content marketing programs that resonate—and get results—in today’s competitive, virtual selling environment.

C3 Package Elements

LinkedIn profile makeovers for your team and company page:
Team and company page consistency of banner design, content, and messaging throughout LinkedIn. Create impactful results with clear and consistent branding throughout LinkedIn. We craft refreshed design, copy, CTAs, and content structure.

Brief podcast style video interviews with subject matter experts on your team or recorded with your satisfied clients as video testimonials. We handle all aspects of production including interview prep, video capture, interviews, graphics, audio/video editing, content development, intakes, outtakes, and publishing to your website blog.

Custom Publications/Articles:
(600-800 words) Create stronger authority with the written word. Educate your market correctly or amplify your successful client results in case-studies. These are multi-faceted deliverables that can be used not only for LinkedIn’s publication platform, but also blog articles, posts for other sites, and leveraged for email nurturing. We handle all production efforts from writing, research, and interviews with your subject matter experts. All written posts are professionally designed, programmed, and published to your website blog.

Short, several second animated or static graphic posts, downloadable and shareable for your team. Visually explain concepts, thought leadership around your solutions, or client testimonial quotes with high impact, bite-sized marketing posts through custom branded graphics or animated video. We handle ideation, research, graphic production, writing, and distribution.

Take your marketing communications to your audiences’ ears! Fully produced bi-monthly podcast episodes including launch, intro/outro, editing and mixing, post episode writeup for your website, (2) video promo clips per episode, distribution, management, and support.

Monthly ReCap Newsletter:
Nurture and stay top of mind with your in-house email list. Each month, we will graphically design and distribute each of your top posts, client testimonials/case-studies, media features, and articles for the month into an eye-catching newsletter style email send. We will distribute sends off your in-house email software, or we will manage the whole process for you.

Content posting on your behalf on a brand ambassadors LinkedIn profile and company pages, as well as up to 10 targeted LinkedIn groups. and invite 100s of Prospects to follow your LinkedIn company page each month.

Your most valuable prospects are the ones you may not even know are researching on your website. Have clearer visibility to companies coming to your website, what their interest is, and how they are engaging. Past prospect, current, or existing clients – we will identify and report them for you. Visitor identification and lead scoring. Never miss a valuable opportunity on your website again.

Custom Editorial Calendar Portal:
Never scramble to catch up with what you need. Months in advanced, we are planning your brand communication strategy. Clear visibility and scheduling on topics through your upcoming content deliverables.

Dedicated Marketing Consultant & Team:
This is not a passive marketing firm. We are actively engaged in the daily, weekly, and monthly activity it takes to increase your brand awareness. Meet with us when you need, and when you want, to strategize on your overall program success. We are a long-term extension of your team’s marketing department.

C3: Content = Credibility = Community

Our C3 Packages are perfect for companies that would like to feed their marketing channels, especially LinkedIn, with multiple content formats for maximum exposure and engagement. This is a true “done for you service” in which our team of expert marketers, writers, designers, programmers, and editors handle the entire content production process from ideation to completion and deployment. Our team ensures all content aligns with your strategic objectives and is delivered on time. Our team will work with you to highlight your company’s subject matter expertise in deep-dive print, video, and social media graphic posts.