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WWETT 2015 – Thanks for an incredible show in Indianapolis

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend one of my presentations on Education Day 2015 at this year’s WWETT show (formerly the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo). All three of the sessions were well attended and audience participation and interest was noteworthy. We hope all of you were able to take away…


Suzan Chin to Present at WWETT 2015 Education Day

We’re looking forward to another great Expo in Indianapolis this year. The annual “Expo” (to us old timers, the Pumper & Cleaner Show) now known as WWETT will bring some new opportunities for Creative Raven to meet and share ideas with members from all facets of our very interesting industry. On Monday, February 23, Education Day,…


Good Customer Service – An Inexpensive Marketing Tool for Building Loyalty and Referrals

I recently had one of the best and one of the worst customer service/interaction experiences of my life. Talbots: Laurel is the perfect example of how by listening to the customer and following through with solutions that benefit them vs. the company, a company can create an environment that breeds loyalty, bigger sales volume and of course referral business. US Airways: Mary, the attendant from @#$%^, customer satisfaction and comfort was not important to her. In fact, as a customer, I felt like I was just a bothersome gnat to this individual.


Fixing and Avoiding Costly Marketing Mistakes

Great marketing can help your business succeed just as ill-informed marketing decisions can kill your sales. There are some very common mistakes that most businesses make with their marketing but most of these are easily fixable and can be turned around into something workable if you know the signs. Better yet, with a little research…

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Marketing in Lean Times – Part 5 of 5

Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t give your prospects and clients a chance to forget you. Proactive Marketing On A Modest Budget – Idea #5 EMail Marketing and Communication EMail communication, if done properly is an excellent method for staying in touch with your prospects and clients for very little money. Permission based email is…