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On the go – taking your business mobile

An excellent article by Jim Hopkinson on offers some wonderful insight, tips and things to consider for any business looking to or evaluating methods to make their business more mobile friendly. Mobile computing not just allows business owners to connect with their busy customers and prospects in ways never imagined, but also helps them…


Good Customer Service – An Inexpensive Marketing Tool for Building Loyalty and Referrals

I recently had one of the best and one of the worst customer service/interaction experiences of my life. Talbots: Laurel is the perfect example of how by listening to the customer and following through with solutions that benefit them vs. the company, a company can create an environment that breeds loyalty, bigger sales volume and of course referral business. US Airways: Mary, the attendant from @#$%^, customer satisfaction and comfort was not important to her. In fact, as a customer, I felt like I was just a bothersome gnat to this individual.