Bringing You Industry Know-How from Industry Pros Who Know How.

Each Wednesday, join Suzan Chin-Taylor, the DooDoo Diva, a long-time veteran of the wastewater, trenchless and civil infrastructure industry as she interviews guests who are:

  • making an impact on how we manage and operate systems for conveying and treating wastewater
  • representing organizations that are utilizing disruptive or new technology
  • executives who will share how to be successful and sustainable in this vital industry

So whether you want to learn about the latest trends and technology in treatment or trenchless, tips on training and retaining great talent, marketing and business growth or simply how to be more efficient, productive or profitable… this podcast is for you.

Be a Show Guest

If you’re an industry expert, we’d love to chat with you about being a guest on our podcast. We are looking for contribution and conversations from all facets and roles so come share your knowledge with your industry colleagues. 

Click the Be a Guest Link and select a convenient time to chat with our producer. We look forward to opening the dialogue. 

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