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Social Media – its impact on face-to-face marketing

A recent study by Exhibitor Magazine has revealed some very interesting facts about how social media is impacting face-to-face marketing. 8,000 participants were involved and one-third indicated they have used Social Media as an exhibit-marketing tool. 90% of those using it noted that their efforts in this medium helped them achieve their trade-show objectives and…


Fixing and Avoiding Costly Marketing Mistakes

Great marketing can help your business succeed just as ill-informed marketing decisions can kill your sales. There are some very common mistakes that most businesses make with their marketing but most of these are easily fixable and can be turned around into something workable if you know the signs. Better yet, with a little research…


Marketing in Lean Times Part 3 of 5

We can all see the power of information and getting the word outā€”there are so many outlets for publishing available. Sharing good information and expertise has never been moreĀ important as a key component in your marketing strategy. Proactive Marketing On A Modest Budget – Idea #3 Use the Power of the Press and Positive Publicity…