Our Mission

To provide small to mid-size firms—in particular, those involved in the wastewater and municipal infrastructure industries corporate-style, business-minded, yet highly creative marketing resource that “gets” your technology, products and services. We understand their applications, and the unique selling approach required within your markets. We know exactly what it takes to develop and execute successful marketing programs that resonate—and get results—in today’s competitive environment.

How It Started

Creative Raven, a division of Thompson Data Systems, Ltd., was established in 2004 by Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor. Suzan was the former marketing and public relations director for an international, hi-tech, opto-electronics manufacturing firm that served the wastewater and civil infrastructure security segments. Once on her own, she leveraged the knowledge she’d gained in that position on behalf of her freelance clients, and never looked back.

Today, Creative Raven is well-known and highly regarded in the wastewater management industry for its savvy, incisive insight into this market. Every day, Suzan builds on the strength of her knowledge and experience. Along with her team of solidly skilled creative talent, she takes great joy in helping clients develop their brands and bring their message to potential buyers with an eye toward immediate and sustained growth.

Although the majority of its clients are concentrated in the municipal water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure industry, Creative Raven serves the needs of small to mid-sized and emerging firms in all types of industries including specialty manufacturers and retailers, consulting firms, healthcare providers and hospitality among others.

Meet Your Marketing Flight Crew

Creative Raven’s seasoned team offers clients the best-of-both-worlds—agency creativity, blended with real-world common sense, versatile business skills and viewpoints gained through years as in-house marketing and business development professionals. This combination provides our clients with a strategic partner that truly understands their business and marketing objectives.

Our talented marketing “flight crew” is led by:

Suzan Chin-Taylor
Suzan Chin-TaylorPresident / CEO
Suzan founded Creative Raven in 2004 to offer firms in the water, wastewater and underground infrastructure industry a means to access all of the services of a marketing and business development firm that really understood their market and the unique challenges needed to succeed. With over two decades in the industry, she considers herself a “sewer rat” and feels incredibly blessed to have the privilege of working in an industry that is so vital to daily life and is filled with wonderful, generous un-sung heroes. In 2016 she was able to follow a long-held dream to bring her passion and love for the trenchless industry to parts of the world that need it, starting first with India, beginning with the opening of an office in Bangalore. When not being fascinated with all things wastewater, Suzan is an avid hiker in the Red Rock country of Northern Arizona, singer in her spiritual community choir and a supporter of organizations that support entrepreneurship, the protection of wildlife and the environment.
Mary Shafer
Mary ShaferPR & Creative Content Development Director
Mary has worked in marketing since performing her first freelance assignment for her dad’s ad agency when she was 14. She’s been researching and writing in the wastewater management industry since 2001, having had regular monthly columns for five years with Cole Publishing’s magazine titles “Portable Restroom Operator,” “Pumper” and “Cleaner,” as well as contributing feature articles to these as well as to “Onsite Installer,” “Treatment Plant Operator” and “Municipal Sewer and Water.” These days, she still contributes occasional feature articles and profiles to Cole magazines, while serving as PR and Creative Content Development Director and senior copywriter for Creative Raven. Here, she works with Suzan Chin-Taylor to brainstorm approach concepts for the company’s marketing clients, to implement marketing strategies, and to develop industry education presentations for Creative Raven’s sister division, The TUIT Group.
Vivek Chaturvedi
Vivek ChaturvediGlobal Business Development Director
Vivek can be best described as a unique, out of the box thinker, with a deeply intuitive understanding of technology and business and the ability to connect the dots in new and unique ways. His wide and varied work history encompasses stints in the Indian Navy (Electrical and Weapon Systems Officer), senior level corporate technology strategy in the US, full participation in the boom and bust of the Silicon Valley, heading up a mobile start-up in India and a whole lot more.

For 10 years he has created a body of radically innovative designs. A gifted self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician and a social commentator, Vivek has a book on self-discovery currently doing the publisher’s rounds and plays live music whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Our business and reputation are built on four recurring pillars: 


In marketing and consultancy, integrity is critical, our word is our bond. The conversation and subsequent narrative thrives on it.


Business relationships are sustained by mutual respect. Our team’s approach to understanding your needs and developing solutions is built on respect and extends to your end-user or client.


The complexity of some issues requires a generous attitude. Our team has combined industry experience of more than 100 years. When we accept a project, our approach is to accomplish and exceed your expectations thru the filter of generosity.


The use of creativity to achieve sustainable solutions is our pedigree. When you partner with us, our creativity goes into high gear. As a result, we utilize a creative approach to solve problems, implement our solutions and enjoy the intended ROI.

Our Goal: Exceptional ROI

Each client-centric solution is built with YOUR intended Return On Investment in mind. Before we move forward, your organization will understand how every hour and resource will be invested, ensuring the optimum ROI to justify your spend.

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