Creative Raven is a full-service marketing and business development firm in every way. We deliver a diverse range of marketing, content strategy, branding, public relations, creative production, business development and training services to our clients, from one experienced source.

The Right Tools. The Right Team.
The Right Solution.

The purpose of all marketing and business development boils down to a simple phrase…lead generation and conversion which increases your company revenue stream. It must be understood that there is not one “silver bullet” that can do it all, however there are some elements that are essential.

Imagery & Message

Tell a good story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer.

Images & Words Tell A Story

and he who tells the best story wins the business

Delivery Methods

Just as people are diverse, so are their preferences in how they receive and engage with information.

7-Come-`11 Rule of Marketing

Prospects need to see a company’s name or message 11 times in 7 different ways before they initiate contact or consider making a purchase.

Engagement Experience

Help your clients and prospects WIN

Creating The Trust Factor

Your content matters most, become a trusted advisor. Familiarity leads to trust, trust leads to action.

Print | Video/Animation | E-Based
Creative Services

Comprehensive Design Services

The collective talents of Creative Raven’s Graphic Design & Print Media flight crew—graphic designers, illustrators, copy writers, photographers and printers, bring an innovative and energetic “lift” to all your print media projects…from complex technical bulletins to product brochures and tradeshow exhibit graphics.

We create memorable marketing materials to positively build your company’s image, drive brand recognition and effectively communicate your solutions long after that first point of contact has ended.

Video Production | Animation | Photo Retouching

Our video and animation services offer clients a dynamic method to enhance and enliven their marketing programs. Hi-def video production services include script development, art direction,  voice-over talent, music composition, post-production editing and mastering.

We offer 2-D and 3-D animation services as well as the new popular Explainer Video format in a variety of styles such as White Board, Graphic Animation Explainer and 2D Animation Explainer.

Website | App Development

Websites are the face of any modern business. They are the first place anyone interested in using your products or services will look to learn more about your organization. We understand this, and believe that businesses can no longer afford to simply have a “web site” they need a “web advantage”, that defining factor between a struggling or thriving businesses.

Having a ‘web advantage’– a better designed, easy to navigate and higher converting website than your competitors is imperative.We call this Conversion Optimized Web Design. It instantly educates your target client or customer that you are a quality business, making it more likely that they will choose to do business with you over your competitor.

We deliver this ‘web advantage’, providing the most stunning, affordable and high quality web design, designed with your profits in mind. They are optimized for the user experience, converting visitors into customers.

We believe that specialized web and mobile apps can extend the power of an organization’s online presence. We utilize the latest tools, platforms and technologies available, selecting the best fit for each client’s unique business needs and how they need to utilize the web for optimum marketing performance and customer engagement.

PR: Telling Your Story

A consistent and persistent public relations and communications outreach program can assist in building strong brand identity and gaining market share.

Companies that market themselves to the wastewater and municipal infrastructure maintenance markets need a public relations partner that possesses a clear understanding of the end-user and the benefits of various product lines. This end-user and technical application insight is vital in order to effectively communicate with industry influencers—the press, public works directors, sanitary system operators, infrastructure security officers, public utilities managers and civil engineers to name just a few.

Creative Raven offers many years of municipal sector public relations expertise and strong media relationships which aids in the building of strategies that help clients gain positive exposure and strengthen the credibility of their products, services and company outlook.

Feature articles by the Creative Raven team on behalf of their clients have appeared in national and international publications. Publication Appearances include but not limited to: CleanerMunicipal Sewer & WaterI & I, Dig Different, WaterWorldTrenchless TechnologyTreatment Plant OperatorUnderground ConstructionWater & Wastewater InternationalNo-Dig InternationalPublic WorksRehab ShowcaseWE&TWorld WaterGovernment Product News

Solutions for Selling In A Digital Age…

Strategies for Winning Customers in a Virtual Business Environment

Learn More by Booking a Complimentary 30-Minute Consultation 

Content Strategy & Creation

Work with our industry specialist content strategists to develop the optimal content/social media marketing program for your business.

Our content developers create the right mix of content to position you and your organization as a thought leader in your field. This builds trust and familiarity needed to foster meaningful engagement. 

Content Deployment

We assist busy business owners and sales/business development professionals with full service content creation, auto-posting to social media channels and pushing content, news releases and feature articles to media outlets. To be effective, consistency is critical to establish and retain momentum. Our done-for-you services alleviate the burden of this now essential marketing initiatives.

Engagement and Lead Generation

The best content in the world won’t do it all. Engagement and follow ups to fill the sales funnel are needed. 

Our LinkedIn VA services provide assistance with routine daily messaging, finding connections and basic content engagement to supplement the client’s own necessary engagement on social media platforms. 

Avenues To Help Your Business Expand

Financial Lending & Funding

Through our Affiliate Partner, ROK Financial, we can help qualified businesses find funding for their business and marketing initiatives.

Global Business Development | Market Entry Consulting

With a team of international business development professionals located in the US, Europe and Asia, we are optimally positioned to assist businesses involved in the infrastructure field the opportunity to enter global markets safely and efficiently and deliver solutions that are needed. Our consulting services include: Market Research, Locating OEM Partners, Developing Sales Channel Partner/Distributor Networks, Direct Sales, Business Development, Networking, Marketing and PR.

India: Land of Opportunity for Trenchless Technology

We are focused currently on India due to the great need for water and wastewater solutions and the immense opportunity it offers if approached correctly.

This is part of Creative Raven’s mission to do well by doing good. If are interested in exploring global expansion, book a complimentary consultation today.

Coaching and Training

Creative Raven crew members are first and foremost marketing strategists. By listening to our customers and conducting thorough needs analysis, Creative Raven plots and presents strategic marketing initiatives to support your business goals.

Our clients continually rely on us to help them plan, create and execute the best possible marketing campaigns to maximize and leverage their investment and to deliver quality results.

Through our sister coaching/training division, The TUIT Group, we offer one-on-one consulting services, webinars and live workshops and hands-on online virutal training.

For more information on our training and coaching services visit our sister division The TUIT Group for details.

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