Our mission

Our mission is two-fold:

  • To provide small to mid-size firms—in particular, those involved in the wastewater and municipal infrastructure industries—the opportunity to access quality advertising and public relations services you’d expect from a large agency, at budget-manageable freelance pricing from friendly, accessible professionals.
  • To help our clients provide their products and services to America and also to countries such as India, where modern sanitation infrastructure is in its infancy. We wish to be the conduit between regions who really need what our clients have to offer, and our clients, who need access to those markets to continue growing their businesses.

The Creative Raven Philosophy

  • We believe that success is won through determination and resourcefulness. We see our clients as our partners in success, each helping the other achieve goals and fulfill dreams.

  • We take the time needed to really get to know our customers and their unique strengths and challenges. We build lasting relationships and alliances to benefit everyone involved; not only in our business, but within our industry and their served communities, as well.

  • We’re a diverse team of skilled creatives who understand sound business principals and love creative production. We develop innovative marketing tools, and we’re devoted to continual improvement of our knowledge and skills, to bring the best possible marketing and business development services to our clients.

We believe in doing well by doing good. We’ve seen places right here in the United States, and on the other side of the globe, in need of serious attention to their wastewater sanitation needs. We’ve discovered that by doing what we do, we can make inroads into that need. If you’re one of our clients and you choose to approach new markets such as India, we can help you understand and operate profitably in that country. You’ll make a profit, but just as important, you’ll make a difference. We fervently believe that when both our clients and those they serve have what they need, we all win.

Great Marketing Takes Flight!

We provide our clients with a corporate-style, business-minded, yet highly creative marketing resource that “gets” your technology, products and services. We understand their applications, and the unique selling approach required within your markets. We know exactly what it takes to develop and execute successful marketing programs that resonate—and get results—in today’s competitive environment.

How It All Got Started

smchin-headshot-seatedCreative Raven, a division of Thompson Data Systems, Ltd., was established in 2004 by Suzan Marie Chin. Suzan was the former marketing and public relations director for an international, hi-tech, opto-electronics manufacturing firm that served the wastewater and civil infrastructure security segments. Once on her own, she leveraged the knowledge she’d gained in that position on behalf of her freelance clients, and never looked back.

Today, Creative Raven is well-known and highly regarded in the wastewater management industry for its savvy, incisive insight into this market. Every day, Suzan builds on the strength of her knowledge and experience. Along with her team of solidly skilled creative talent, she takes great joy in helping clients develop their brands and bring their message to potential buyers with an eye toward immediate and sustained growth.

Some of our clients

Although the majority of our clients are concentrated in the municipal water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure industry, we serve the needs of small to mid-sized and emerging firms in all types of industries including specialty manufacturers and retailers, consulting firms, healthcare providers and hospitality among others.
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  • My very favorite instructor—you help our ladies so much Suzan, you individualize every workshop you do and reach to the far corners of the classroom every time. You are the best! Thank you for you!
    Kim Scanlan, Director
  • Thank you so much for your facilitation of your Marketing Essentials Workshop. We so appreciate your willingness to always be there for us with fresh new ideas and always with enthusiasm. You bring such obvious passion with you, that you always leave them wanting more!
    CVWBC Staff (SBA)
  • Many kudos to you and your team!  The website looks awesome...We certainly like to commend excellence when we see it. Since your team is from the industry we immediately felt the results would be good but when they surpass our expectations, we even feel better.
    Michael Lien
    Controller & CFO, TRIC Tools
  • Working with Suzan and the team at Creative Raven was like working with a friend that has known me for a lifetime. They took the time to really understand my needs and wants for my business and with in a week were able to gather the tools from our conversation to create a perfect graphic design for my medical practice. I would recommend them to anyone starting a new business!
    Serena Ho
    Doctor of Optometry, Desert EyeWorks Optometry
  • Creative Raven is creative, their out of the box concepts produce great results for their clients. Expert in their field, their her website tells it all, see for yourself.
    Olga S. Betancourt
    Director of Programs, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
  • Working with Suzan is a breath of fresh air. The first job I hired Creative Raven for was to design my company logo. It was a wonderful experience: Her communication skills are excellent and she is very personable. The second job was two websites. She always took the extra step to call or meet with me to help us collaborate and coordinate in order to pull out of what was in my head in order to create a visual presentation that would move visitors to become potential clients. I came to realize I could count on her timeliness. We are now working on a fourth website and because I have such faith in her work, I know the result will be more than I could imagine. I couldn't recommend Suzan and her team highly enough. For people who hear horror stories about graphic designers and web designers, Creative Raven is the solution.
    Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, BCC
    President, MEG Enterprises, Inc.
  • Suzan is a dynamic personality, who works hard to exceed client expectations, is easy to work with, comes up with great ideas for branding, advertising, brochures, websites, and tradeshow displays. And of COURSE, she loves my photography too... 🙂
    Paul Kiler
    Owner, PK Perfumes and Kiler Photography
  • Suzan is a highly talented and creative individual with outstanding qualities both professionally and personally. Her creative talents and those of her team are far superior than others in the industry.
    Tom Schmandt
    President, Cobra Technologies Corp.
  • Creative Raven re-branded my company. They took us from looking like a 1950's general store to an up to date modern company. This included new trade show presentation,web page,advertisement,and business cards. a total redo. Results were tangible and significant.
    Michael O’Leary
    General Manager Emeritus, Shamrock Pipe Tools Inc.
  • Creative Raven has been a pleasure to work with, and has consistently delivered great work, on time, and at reasonable prices. In our small high growth business, they have had to deal with ambiguity, unclear direction, and changes in direction frequently. Despite that, Suzan and her team always remained very professional and courteous. As our small business was acquired last year by a large corporation and I was promoted to a lead marketing role within our business group, I recommended that we continue to work with Creative Raven at the Corporate level. They continue to do great work for us, and everyone that works with Creative Raven is pleased with them. I would strongly recommend Creative Raven to anyone.
    Brian Shockley
    Vice President, Vigilant Solutions
  • Creative Raven is both very knowledgeable about web development and easy to work with. They taught me how to edit certain aspects of my site on my own and how to increase traffic to my website. Creative Raven comes highly recommended indeed!
    Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD
    Sports Nutritionist, Atlanta Hawks
  • Suzan and her team produced amazing creative work for my fitness business. They captured the vision I had for my brand and the final creative execution was beautiful -- from my logo, to direct mail, to brochures, to stationery -- they brought it all together. Thank you to Suzan and her team! I will continue to do business with Creative Raven in the future and would highly recommend this business.
    Christi MacNee
    Director, Communications and Fundraising