Based on a survey by HubSpot, B2B companies that posted 11 times the content compared to rivals who only shared zero or one post monthly saw three times more engagement from their audience.

It might sound surprising but even if you are actively using content marketing, you could be doing some things that can hurt your chances of hitting your lead generation or sales goals. This is often due to simple to correct mistakes in content marketing. It’s not about creating content; it’s about delivering the content to your target audience.

We’ve pinpointed 25 content marketing blunders that many B2B companies are making, potentially hurting their business.

Starting this month we’ll delve into each of these mistakes in depth through a series of articles to help you identify how they might be impacting your organization and how you can address them effectively.

In our first installment of the series let’s explore the most prevalent mistake in B2B content marketing – “The Mindset.”

Importance Of Mindset

If you do not believe that digital marketing will work for your business, it won’t. This isn’t like other types of marketing, every single week you must devote time to this. Content is currency for your company-it brings all your other marketing efforts to life. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Impact of Negative Mindset

There are reasons why B2B business owners may not maintain a positive outlook on digital marketing. Some may have had experiences, with marketing agencies failing to deliver as promised in the past. Maybe they’ve had some experiences with how things can rapidly change in the digital world and the effort required to keep up. Regardless of the reason, having the wrong outlook could end up making things more challenging. If you approach your content marketing efforts with a positive, “let’s see, let’s try this” mindset, chances are you’ll put in more time and effort than what’s needed for success.

Importance of Positive Mindset  

Building a positive outlook is a journey that demands practice and dedication. Achieving this mindset is feasible through introspection, perseverance, and the encouragement of others. By implementing adjustments and staying committed you can reshape your attitude and achieve favorable outcomes. Embracing positivity in marketing comes with benefits. Let’s delve into a few:

Enhanced productivity: Embracing positivity enhances productivity levels by inspiring individuals to take action and complete tasks efficiently.

Elevated creativity: A mindset nurtures creativity by encouraging ideas and innovative solutions.

Improved decision-making: A positive attitude contributes to decision-making by steering impulsive or fear-driven choices enabling individuals to make logical judgments.

Increased sales: Maintaining a positive perspective can also lead to an upsurge in sales. When people show a positive attitude they tend to connect with customers and build strong relationships.

How to Adopt a Positive Mindset?

So the real question is, how can you enhance your mindset in marketing? Here are some suggestions;

Set realistic goals: Setting ambitious goals can lead to failure. Instead, aim for goals that are realistic yet challenging. This approach keeps you motivated and focused.

Focus on positive aspects: It’s tempting to give up when focusing solely on the negatives. Instead, focus on the strengths of your business and marketing efforts. How are things progressing? What aspects can you highlight?

Believe in yourself: Having confidence in your abilities, know-how and self is crucial. When you believe in yourself you’re more inclined to take risks and explore opportunities. Moreover, you’re more likely to persevere through challenges.


Remember, successful content marketing requires strategy, perseverance, and self-belief—it’s not magic. If you’re ready to embrace a mindset, for marketing success I urge you to take action today. Set goals, stay optimistic, and believe in yourself wholeheartedly. With the right mindset, there are endless possibilities for growth.

Therefore, wear your marketing cap, embody the attitude, and watch your content weave its spell! If you need help in your content marketing campaign, feel free to get in touch with the Creative Raven team for professional and dedicated support. Next month, we will be back with our second article of the 25 B2B content marketing mistakes series.