It’s here to stay. Like it or not, social media is playing a vital role in our daily business and personal lives.

Businesses are reaping the benefits of this rapidly growing and evolving communication platform but deciding how to get involved and to what degree is sometimes difficult. Like any marketing initiative, social media requires a commitment of time, thought and financial resources to make it a worthwhile promotional vehicle for your business.

We have developed three programs to help you get started in the world of social media so your business can start tapping into the numerous opportunities this new communication venue offers.

This program is designed for those who are familiar and fairly comfortable with social media sites but just need a little help in setting up and creating a polished and professional social media presence.

What You Get: Set up and styling of either your Facebook Business Page, WordPress Blog, Twitter Feed or Google+ Page or any combination of these social media presences.

Want a Social Media presence that you or your staff can manage and maintain but don’t know how to get started? Well then this is the solution for you.

What You Get: DIY program services, one month of content development and social media management services, webinar based training for you and your staff covering the basics of finding and creating content, “likes”, “friends”, managing and maintaining your social media sites and 30 days of telephone/email support after training to help you and your team as you become comfortable with the social media platforms you have selected to utilize.

Designed for the small to mid-size business or busy executive who appreciates the value of social media but does not have the time, personnel or other resources available to properly set up, manage or maintain their social media marketing programs.

All-inclusive: Consulting and strategic planning of your social media program, development of an editorial calendar, content development (may require minimal time input from you or your staff), set up and styling of all selected social media pages, content posting, monitoring, management and ongoing maintenance.

How It Works & Its Benefits

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