Content marketing has its own importance when it comes to business development. But creating content is never easy. 

If you are willing to create valuable content for your business but don’t have enough time to shift your focus from business development, outsourcing content creation is a great idea to reap maximum benefits without extra effort.

Indeed, content marketing could be very profitable. According to CMI, more than 70% of companies now hire a specialist to create and distribute their content properly.

Still not sure? Here are some benefits when you outsource your content creation. 

1: It Saves Your Time and Money

If you’ve made an effort to keep up your website or social media by posting regularly, you know how much effort and time it requires to write high-quality material and produce it regularly.

When you aim to save money by not outsourcing, you end up having to write the content yourself or employ a content team. As the owner or manager of a business, your time is worth more than the hourly rate of a freelance content writer.

That means you’ll spend more time writing the content if you’re paid by the hour. Also, hiring freelancers or a content marketing agency costs less than hiring full-time workers and a lot less than hiring in-house marketing teams. 

2: Increase Your Focus On Business Functions

If the most satisfying aspect of your job is writing content, sorry to say, you are in the wrong part of the business. In all honesty, would you have started your business if you in fact really wanted to become a writer?

If you hire expert content creators to write your content including blogs, press releases, social media, e-books, etc. you get more time to focus on key areas of business growth and reaching your true potential as an entrepreneur.

3: Stick to a Schedule

When you write content by yourself, it’s easy to get distracted by other business tasks and forget about your website, social media profiles, and other content promotion platforms.

You can avoid this problem if you outsource to a content marketing agency that is committed to making content for your company and getting it out on time.

With a freelance writer, it’s easy to agree on deadlines so that the content is posted on a regular schedule. A writer who works for your company may get distracted by how busy it is, but an independent writer doesn’t have these problems. 

4: Improve Your Brand Messaging

Since we both agree that writing isn’t your strong suit (business is), let’s talk about how much your brand’s voice and messaging could benefit from the skill of an experienced writer. 

You can get exactly the style you want by having targeted messaging professionally created for you. This can be done in an amusing, sincere, fashionable, modern, or professional way. 

Professional content writers know how to “style-flex,” or use the brand’s style, voice, and tone while creating content.

You will benefit from hiring a professional writer or content marketing agency that knows how important it is to make content that is unique and suitable for your brand.

5: Achieve Consistency

Consistency isn’t only about posting at the same time every week; it’s also about having the same voice, style, message, trend, and syntax.

Your brand must consistently sound like what it is so that people can spot it right away. A skilled writer or a content marketing agency can help you set up a high level of uniformity so that people remember your brand.

When you start getting more leads through your content, this regularity in content marketing will pay off in a big way.

6: Add Value To Your Brand

Excellently written content will always present a great impression about your brand, initiating people to share a positive vibe about your company. This, of course, boosts your brand reputation and presents you as an industry leader.

Professional content writers know how to write according to the best standards and create well-written content for your blog, website, and social media platforms that promotes your business and adds value.

7: Increased Lead Generation & Conversions

Powerful content can capture more leads and conversions for your business. Content marketing might be done to get more leads and sales, and if the content is better, the return on investment will be higher. Plus, we previously mentioned that outsourcing content to a third party is a lot cheaper than making it yourself.

8: Improve Your Brand’s SEO

With highly specific, well-written, and SEO-optimized material, you can boost your search engine results and rank higher by giving your readers the right content. If you do it right, you can beat your competitors in the SERPs by using professional content created by professional writers.


With an effective content creation approach, you’ll be well on your way to making high-quality content that your audience loves and that helps your business grow. Use a plan that fits your goals to step up your content gameplay and distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

Even though there could be some negatives about outsourcing your content, especially if you do not engage a competent team as your outsourcer, the positives can far overpower them. If you hire a content marketing agency, you can make better content, save time and money, and be in a stronger position to reach your business goals.

We at Creative Raven give you a one-stop solution for all your content creation and distribution requirements. We have a highly specialized team of content writers and marketers that can produce highly specific and engaging content for your company to boost its online presence and convert readers into clients for maximum ROI. So, let’s join hands and start creating!